DIY Bathroom Upgrades

You may not consider the bathroom as a focal point of your house, but it is a room that gets used every day. There are many easy projects that you can do yourself to improve your bathroom. By taking on some of these bathroom upgrades, you can make the space more functional, efficient, and attractive.

Bathroom Upgrades for Water-Efficiency

You can save water without changing any of your habits if you upgrade your water fixtures and toilets to low-flow options. While these improvements do require some upfront costs, you can recoup the money in lower water bills. If you aren’t able to convince your family members to take shorter showers and turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth, installing water-efficient fixtures is a worthwhile bathroom upgrade.

Re-Caulking Around Sinks and Tubs

The bathroom is more at risk for mold growth than other rooms because of its water sources. When the seal around the sink and tub isn’t adequate, water can seep into the drywall behind these areas and promote hidden mold growth. Be proactive about preventing mold in the bathroom by inspecting the condition of the caulked seals and re-caulking if they are deteriorating and peeling away. This is an easy task that uses inexpensive materials.

Replace the Vanity

It isn’t difficult to replace the sink, counter, and cabinet. Upgrade the bathroom with a vanity that has a luxury countertop material or a deeper sink. You could also simply paint the cabinet under the sink for one of the easiest bathroom upgrades.

Add a Backsplash

A backsplash on the bathroom wall helps keep water out of the drywall. Backsplash can be easily wiped clean. Choose a backsplash project based on how much you want to spend and the skills required. Tiling a wall will take more time and skill, but applying a peel and stick backsplash will be quick and easy.

Paint the Room

A bathroom can be transformed with a new shade of paint. Bathrooms are usually some of the smaller rooms of the house, so painting a bathroom can be a one-day project. However, there are more obstacles to paint around in a bathroom, so much of the time is spent taping around the shower, vanity, and shelving.

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