Why You Should Request a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You’ve probably heard about getting a home inspection prior to buying your new construction home, but have you heard about a builder's warranty inspection? Don’t make the mistake of letting your builder’s warranty expire at the end of your first year of homeownership...

Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

Prepare your fireplace before using it for the first time this winter. Almost half of all house fires start in the chimney or fireplace. Don’t let your home become a part of this unfortunate statistic. Here are a few steps to get your fireplace ready for cold weather....

5 Ways to Prepare For a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a critical part of the home-buying process. While an inspection is typically ordered by the buyer, the sale of the property won’t be final until the closing date. The home inspection report can change the way the buyer feels about the home, and...

Pros and Cons of 3 Types of Decking Materials

Is it Time to Repair or Replace the Deck? Building a new deck or replacing worn areas can be a major home improvement undertaking. The first step is to review different types of decking materials and determine the best product to use. The local climate and the...

Proper Smoke Detector Placement in the Home

5 Tips for Home Smoke Detector Installation Smoke detectors save lives by alerting you and your family to the first signs of smoke and fire. Where you position your smoke detectors affects how well they perform. Here are 5 tips on smoke detector placement in your...

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