With an increasing number of house fires every year, homeowners need to know how to prevent fires and keep their families and properties safe. Here are a few easy ways to boost fire safety in the home.

Boost Fire Safety: Unplug Appliances

Unplugging your appliances and electronics reduces the risk of an electrical fire occurring due to overloaded outlets. Overloaded sockets are a major cause of residential fires and can be easily avoided by unplugging items when they aren’t needed. This simple precaution saves energy because many electronics still draw power when plugged in, even if powered off.

Avoid Grease Fires

To boost fire safety at home, take steps to prevent fires in the kitchen. Grease is highly flammable; when heated, it can quickly ignite. Be vigilant when cooking with oils, as they can quickly reach high temperatures.

To reduce the fire risk, don’t leave dishcloths, napkins, or paper towels near hot surfaces. Wipe up spills immediately, especially on the stovetop.

Boost Fire Safety: Never Smoke Indoors

Smoking indoors increases the risk of fire. Smoking indoors is dangerous because flammable materials, such as furnishings, bedding, and draperies, can easily catch fire if exposed to burning cigarettes or ash. If cigarettes are not extinguished properly, the materials may smolder and set fire to nearby objects.

Monitor the Fireplace

Never leave a fire in the fireplace unattended, no matter how small the flame may be. An unattended fire can spread, causing extensive property damage and potential injuries. Even when not actively burning, embers remain hot for long periods and may ignite more flames.

Blow Out Candles

Candles are a beautiful addition to any home but can be a fire hazard. Use fire-resistant holders to display and burn candles. Keep the flames away from flammable materials, including tablecloths, curtains, and other home decorations. Never leave candles burning unattended. Extinguish them before leaving the house or going to bed. After enjoying the candles, extinguish them and verify the flame is out.

Prepare an Escape Route to Boost Fire Safety

Having an escape plan is critical to improving safety in your home. In an emergency, a well-planned escape route can significantly boost your chances of exiting the house safely and preventing injuries. Practice drills with family members so everyone is prepared should a real fire occur. Make sure each person knows how to use an extinguisher and where to exit if smoke is present.

Home fire safety is incredibly important for protecting family members and property. Taking the time to survey your home for potential risks, keeping flammable items away from heat sources, and creating an escape plan can keep your family safe in the event of a fire.

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