Any property, even a newly constructed home, might have hidden problems with the roofing, plumbing, foundation, and other components of the building. A new construction inspection can help to identify these issues before you move into your new home.

A home inspection checks that the construction has been completed properly. If there are issues, you can request repairs from the builder before moving in.

A New Construction Inspection Identifies Faulty Electrical Wiring

Contracted electricians are experts in their field. Nevertheless, mistakes can be made resulting in faulty electrical wiring. A new construction inspection assesses the wiring and electrical system. If there are any problems, the finished building might put your family at risk. Contractors may use the wrong wires, miscalculate the power consumption of the building, or install electrical components in hazardous spots. Home inspectors are trained to look for signs of faulty electrical wiring.

Inadequate Plumbing

The plumbing is a critical component of a building. It’s integral for water supply and distribution and waste management. Even the most experienced contractors can make mistakes. Faulty plumbing leads to water damage and mold. A new construction inspection will assure you that the plumbing has been installed correctly and is in good working order.

There are Often Different Subcontractors

On a new construction project, there are many different contractors working on specific components. This mix of contractors can sometimes lead to miscommunication that results in mistakes.

During the building process, contractors will be working at different times and may not have the opportunity to communicate with each other easily. There are often subcontractors whose work experience varies. They are all also trying to get their job done quickly. Building contractors may be in a hurry and end up cutting corners by using substandard materials or rushing through the job.

Protect Your Investment with a New Construction Inspection

It is not unusual to find issues in a newly constructed home. While everything may appear to be in great shape and brand new, there may be issues like plumbing leaks, insufficient insulation, or poorly installed roofing. A new construction inspection will detail any errors with the builder’s work so you can be proactive about your purchase.

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