You’ve probably heard about getting a home inspection prior to buying your new construction home, but have you heard about a builder’s warranty inspection? Don’t make the mistake of letting your builder’s warranty expire at the end of your first year of homeownership without taking this important step.

Home Builders Subcontract the Work

You likely hired a reputable builder to construct your home. However, builders subcontract work out to other contractors. Many of those subcontractors hire their own subcontractors. Some builders even contract 100% of the job to others.

Because of this, you really don’t know who built what part of your home. This means corners may have been cut and problems could exist that are not apparent or noticed by the builder. This is the first reason why you should order a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month.

Municipal Inspections Don’t Substitute for a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You might wonder why you need another inspection since the municipal inspector looked everything over and made sure it was up to code. Code inspections are designed to only check for the minimum requirements and standards. Your builder and the subcontractors are fully aware of this. An independent professional inspector will look at the entirety of your home’s systems and components and give an impartial assessment of quality and workmanship.

Do You Believe a Builder’s Warranty Inspection is Unnecessary Because Everything is Brand New?

Many things go wrong with new construction homes. Even new materials and appliances can be faulty. Many problems that result in expensive repairs can be traced right back to the construction process.

A Home Inspection at Closing Isn’t Enough

You definitely need the home inspection at the time of closing. However, nothing has been used in your new house yet. You haven’t put your home through the seasons and any extreme hot or cold weather. Extreme weather may cause materials in the home to expand and contract. You might find out within a few months after moving in that your garage door is bowing off its track, the roof leaks, or that you have foundation issues.

Submit Warranty Claims in Time

You need to take the builder’s warranty inspection seriously. The builder is typically held responsible for repairing items covered by the warranty for the first year. Hire an inspector to perform the builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month of homeownership. After the warranty expires, you’ll become responsible for any repairs to your home, even if they were caused during construction.

Order the inspection and make sure the builder comes back to fix the issues. This will also protect you later if you ever sell the home. Any repairs found by the buyer’s inspection that link back to when your home was built will cost you money when you sell.

Brand Name Home Inspections provides builder’s warranty inspections and other inspection services to Northern California. Contact us to schedule yours in the 11th month.