When the weather is pleasant, many of us like to have friends and family over for a cook-out in the backyard. To prevent accidents, learn about grill safety tips so that you can enjoy your barbeque incident-free.

Things to Know About Grill Safety

1. Grill Outside, Away From Structures

Charcoal and gas grills are designed for outdoor use only. According to the NFPA, more than 27% of home fires occur when a grill is used in a covered courtyard, patio, or terrace. Keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house and outbuildings. Never use a grill on an enclosed porch, inside a gazebo, or beneath an overhang.

2. For Safety, Place the Grill on Stable Ground

Set up the grill on a flat and level surface and make sure it can’t be tipped over. Use a mat or grill pad underneath to protect the decking materials from grease and food splatters.

3. Make Sure the Grill is Clean

Clean the grill after each use. Remove food particles and grease from the grill grates and the tray below the grill. If you’re using a charcoal grill, allow coals to cool off completely before disposing of them in a metal container.

4. Check for Propane Leaks on a Gas Grill

Check the propane tank hose for leaks by applying a water and soap solution to it and then turn on the gas. If there’s a propane leak, the solution will bubble. Some other signs of a propane leak include the smell of gas near the grill or a flame that will not light.

5. If the Flame Goes Out, Wait Before You Relight It

If you’re using a gas grill and the flame goes out, turn both the grill and gas off and wait five minutes before relighting it.

6. Take Care Around a Grill

Never leave a lit grill unattended and don’t allow pets or kids to play nearby. When you’re cooking out, have another adult present to keep an eye on young children. Teach kids that grilling utensils are not toys and make sure they know to stay safely away, even after the grill is turned off. It can stay hot for an hour.

7. Wear the Right Clothing for Grill Safety

Considering that clothing easily catches fire, make sure your sleeves, apron strings, and shirttails don’t dangle over the grill. Keep long hair tied back and wear clothing made of natural fibers. If your clothing does catch fire, natural fibers won’t melt into your skin.

8. Keep Baking Soda On Hand

You can use baking soda to extinguish a small grease fire. For a larger fire, have a fire extinguisher nearby and learn how to use it. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, keep a bucket of sand next to the grill. Don’t use water to try to put out a grease fire.

There are many easy-to-follow safety tips to keep in mind while grilling out this season. Take precautions around the grill to safely host cookouts for friends and family.

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