Your family’s well-being is important. You want your home to be a place where family members are comfortable, safe, and thriving. However, there are hazards in every home that threaten security and health. In this article, learn about 4 areas to focus on to make your home healthy and safe.

Fire Safety

A house fire can devastate any home, no matter the age, location, or size. Every year, fires cause loss of life and property. Make your home healthy and safe by taking measures to prevent house fires and protect yourself in an emergency.

Don’t skimp on how many smoke detectors you have installed in the house, and be sure to test them regularly. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage. Homes with upper levels should be equipped with window ladders that can be rolled down in case of fire. Pay attention to signs of electrical problems and have them checked out by an electrician.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe by Eliminating Health Hazards

Contaminants like mold, VOCs, and lead may be in the air you breathe and the water you drink. While there are many ways to combat these threats, investing in air and water purifiers is an effective way to start.

Prevent mold by keeping the home as dry as possible. If you discover mold growing, have a professional remove it and find the source of the moisture. Buy paints and cleaners that are labeled VOC-free to keep these toxic chemicals out of your home.

Make Outdoor Living Spaces Safe

Accidents can happen in outdoor living spaces, especially when children are running around. If you have a pool, install a tall fence around it with a locking gate. Inspect the deck and make sure the railings are secure and the boards are in good condition. Keep children from accessing decks and balconies on their own by installing childproof locks on exterior doors.

Prevent Burglaries to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Recent advances in home security technology make it more effective than ever. Your home will be less appealing to burglars when it looks like someone is at home and when there are no places outside to hide. Smart home technology will help create the illusion of activity inside by turning on lights remotely or on a schedule. Outdoors, install exterior motion-sensor lights to deter criminals.

Smart security apps also give you the ability to monitor your house remotely while you are out of town. There are security companies that will monitor your home for you if you’d prefer a professional service. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect package to fit your needs.

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