Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. Unless you’re hiring full-service movers who also pack and unpack your belongings, expect a lot of labor to be involved. To help make sure that everything goes smoothly, here are tips to prepare for a move.

Watch the Weather

Heavy snow, rain, and other inclement weather can affect your move. If you’re using a moving company, it may be difficult to schedule a day based on the weather forecast, but it may be possible to reschedule if the weather is bad. Talk to your moving company about their policy in case of inclement weather. Wet weather conditions increase the likelihood of vehicle accidents, property damage, and slipping and falling.

Choosing the Right Company to Prepare for a Move

Moving companies vary widely in price, personnel, equipment, services provided, and overall quality of work. You’re trusting these people with your belongings, so use a reputable moving company that requires background checks on their movers. When choosing a mover, research online reviews and testimonials. If possible, ask friends and family members for their recommendations.

Prepare Your Pets for a Move

The hustle and bustle of moving may be hard on your pets. Doors will constantly open and close and if your pets are not secure, they may get out of your house and get lost. To alleviate distress or prevent escape attempts, board your pets for the day. Alternatively, create an area for your animals in an empty room and have family members take turns checking in on them.

Protect the Flooring

On moving day, expect a steady stream of foot traffic going in and out of your house. To protect your floors, install doormats both inside and outside of the entryway doors. Lay canvas drop cloths in the areas with the heaviest traffic. This will protect hardwoods and carpeting and lessen the mess created by the move.

Pack Fragile Items Well to Prepare for a Move

With all of the packing, arranging, driving, and unpacking involved in a move, it’s important to make sure your items are packed properly. Most moving companies offer insurance on your items, and it’s usually worth the extra expense to make sure your belongings arrive safely.

Have a Plan for Where Things Will Go

Don’t want to waste time during your move, especially if you’re paying movers by the hour. Label your moving boxes by room. Make a plan for where your furniture and other belongings will go in the new home. This makes sorting and unpacking much easier.

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