Most people spend more time outside when the weather is warm. When the sun is hot, you and your family will appreciate some relief from the heat. Here are a few ways to shade your outdoor living spaces and stay cooler on hot days.

Shade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with an Awning

To add shade to your deck, install an awning. These structures are usually metal frames with a fabric covering that’s designed to be weather and UV-resistant for a long-lasting product. Retractable awnings can be extended out to block the sun on the hottest days of the year and then closed up and stored against the house. For a bit more money, look for a motorized awning that extends and retracts with the push of a button.

Build a Pergola

A pergola is a simple structure often made of wood. It typically has four vertical support beams and a trellis-like ceiling that is constructed with strips of wood or larger beams. The design allows light through while still providing shade. If you have woodworking skills, consider building a pergola to cover your deck or patio. Otherwise, hire a contractor to install the structure.

Add a Patio Umbrella to Shade Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio umbrellas are a simple and inexpensive way to shade your deck. Install an umbrella on an outdoor table, use an umbrella stand, or purchase a metal umbrella support that attaches to your deck railing. You’ll find an assortment of colors and designs to brighten up your patio or deck.

Build an Arbor

Even a simple arbor can be used to add shade. Construct an arbor over a garden bench to make a cool and comfortable place to enjoy the backyard. You can find plans online or purchase an easy-to-assemble kit. Choose climbing varieties of plants to grow up the arbor. Purchase climbing roses, clematis, wisteria, and morning glory if you enjoy brightly colored flowers. For greenery, plant English ivy, passionflower, or grapes.

Plant Shade Trees

Planting trees won’t give you immediate relief from the heat, but in a few years, the trees will help to shade your property. Choose fast-growing varieties for quick results. Talk to your local garden center about the best trees for your area. Some popular options are silver maple, northern red oak, and tulip tree.

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