Rising gas prices have far-ranging consequences beyond the pump. The world uses gas to transport countless items, from the products on the shelves at the grocery store to the parts your plumber uses to make repairs. Here are some of the various ways that gas prices will impact homeowners.

Rising Gas Prices: Grocery Bills

Trucks are the primary transportation for groceries, so rising gas prices will also impact your grocery bill. As the base cost of goods increases, grocery stores pass those expenses onto the consumer. Because plastic is derived from petroleum, products that contain or are packaged in plastic may rise in price more than other goods.

Fuel for Back-Up Generators

Many homeowners use generators to keep the lights on during power outages. Since most generators are powered by gasoline, the cost of operation has increased dramatically. The average generator requires 18 gallons of gas a day to power a single-family home, so increases of $2 a gallon could double the fuel cost depending on how much you paid before. Additionally, rising gas prices will drive up the amount you spend to refill.

Rising Gas Prices Impact House Repairs

HVAC companies, plumbers, and electricians all drive trucks to get from client to client. Because rising gas prices increase their costs, your house repairs will also boost. Every business is adapting differently, so check for changes in how companies you’ve worked with are doing business. For example, some contractors that once offered free estimates are now charging a small fee to cover the cost of transportation.

Plastic and Petroleum Products

Gasoline and other petroleum derivatives like plastic have similarly increased in price. While you might not think you use much plastic, synthetic material is present in many products we use daily. From the shirt you are wearing to the insulation lining your walls, plastic and petroleum products are everywhere as the price of oil continues to go up, these prices will respond in tandem.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Rising gas prices will also impact your lawn care routine if you use a gas-powered lawnmower to take care of your turf. Gas is the most common fuel source for lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and weed whackers. The more you need to mow, the more money you anticipate spending. Even if you use a professional landscaping company for your yard maintenance, increases in gas pricing will be passed on to you.

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