If you don’t enjoy cleaning, you may put it off all week and then waste weekend time scrubbing the floor and cleaning the sinks. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to speed up the process of tidying your home. Use these cleaning tips to get more done in less time.

Take Off Your Shoes at the Door

Especially if you have young children who frequently play outside, make a house rule to remove shoes at the door before proceeding inside. Keep a high-quality doormat with firm bristles in front of the exterior doors of your home to help dislodge dirt and mud from shoes. Add a basket or shoe rack near the most frequently used door. You’ll spend less time sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors.

Grab a Lemon to Remove Stains

Hard water often leaves behind spots and stains on chrome plumbing fixtures. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaners, use lemon to make them sparkle again. The next time you squeeze a lemon into your water or use citrus in a recipe, save the wedge to rub on the faucet and handles. The powerful citric acid in the lemon will remove stains and rust while leaving your kitchen or bathroom smelling fresh.

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Shower Clean

The shower curtain liner is typically disposed of when it shows signs of mold growth or accumulated soap scum. However, you can wash your shower liner to prolong its lifespan. The next time you need to clean bath towels or mats, take your shower liner and throw it in the wash with them. After adding detergent, toss in half a cup of baking soda for maximum cleaning power. 

Line Refrigerator Shelves with Plastic Wrap

Even if you are careful to keep your fridge clean, there may be spills to wipe up and jars that leak. Don’t waste time scrubbing your refrigerator shelves. Line them with plastic wrap or reusable mats. Shelf liners are one of the easiest cleaning tricks because to tidy up your refrigerator, you simply remove the sticky plastic wrap and replace it with a new sheet.

Cleaning Tips: Declutter the Home

The more you own, the more things you’ll need to organize, clean, and maintain. One of the most straightforward tips for keeping the home clean is reducing the number of belongings in your household. Summer is a perfect time to declutter, as you can have a yard sale on the weekend and earn extra money for summer fun.

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